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Stacey Rose

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N.S. Buck

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Optimum Hearing Care was first started as Yes Hearing Sarasota as a Home Hearing Care business and quickly became the most sought after Hearing Care Provider throughout the Gulf Coast regionWe have since added a new location in The Meadows Shopping Village and at The Center of Anna Maria Island to provide convenient, in office care, based on the same principles we were founded on.

Having hearing loss myself has given me a unique perspective in regards to living with hearing loss and also how to correct it with properly adjusted hearing aids. The most important factor for success with hearing aids is...   WHO PROGRAMS THEM!!!!

We are very blessed to be working in such a rewarding field that allows us to change lives through the gift of sound and we look forward to working with you on your journey to better hearing.


Book an appointment online, email us, or call to setup your free hearing consultation and learn so much more about hearing loss, the latest hearing aid technology and how we can provide a solution customized for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.


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After my father spent a lot of time trying hearing aids at various providers without finding a solution that worked for him, we finally met Nate Buck at Yes Hearing. Nate is so patient and easy going that my parents felt comfortable and appreciated. Nate is very knowledgeable about all the different brands and their features. He is also excellent at programming the units and tweaking them for optimal results. Nate recommended a unit that had the features that my father wanted and then took molds off his ears and had them made for him. They worked great but because of mask wearing and the pulling on his ears they would sometimes get knocked out. To fix this, Nate had the units remade with a special flange that held them more securely in his ear. He is now very happy and hearing much better. I highly recommend Nate for his knowledge, attitude and high level of customer service."

Steven Greenberger

I purchased my hearing aids from Yes Hearing Sarasota and could not have been happier with Nate and his team. I had some adjustments to make to the ear buds and they were able to get me a good fit. Nate is prompt to return calls and patient in helping me set up the necessary programs. I would highly recommend YHS as a reliable and efficient place to do business."

Renee Ferguson

I’ve been wearing hearing aids for over 10 years but have never heard as well as I have in the last 2 months.! The difference is Nate Buck, who is not only the best Audiologist I’ve ever worked with but also a expert programmer who understands how to program hearing aids to individual needs. I was happy after the first adjustment thinking that was as good as it gets. Nate explained that I was no where near the maximum hearing capacity I could expect, then took the time to get me there. After two more remote adjustments, I was hearing things I never heard before! On top of that, I can email him any time with a question and he responds quickly and always has the right answer. I will NEVER work with anyone else!"

Maria Messina

Yes Hearing handled my Purchasing Hearing Aids for the 5th time. Nate was not only helpful, but brings a unique understanding to hearing impairment, as he wears hearing aids himself. This is something that I felt was sorely missing in purchasing hearing aids in the past. The hearing aids that I chose had problems with the fitting of both ears (individually). Resized replacement was fast and addressed to my complete satisfaction. I highly recommend Yes Hearing!"

Mike MacDonald

I've worn hearing aids for many years (too much loud music when I was younger), so I'm familiar with several brands and have worked with many audiologists and HA technicians. I'm not going to review specific brands here, but I do want to say that Nate Buck at YesHearing Sarasota is far and away THE best technician I've worked with.
The HA industry is full of quick-buck companies and poorly trained support people. But Nate at YesHearing Sarasota truly knows his stuff and is very dedicated to customer satisfaction. He takes the time to understand the customer's situation, hearing loss profile and preferences, and he goes the extra mile to make sure that your HAs are working for you.
He's also a really nice guy and a pleasure to deal with. 5 stars all the way.

Larry Chernicoff

Nate is a great guy, very professional and provides very special personalized service. One of the best I have dealt with in this very fragmented and poorly serviced industry."

Satish Sanan

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5041 Ringwood Mdw Bldg G,

Sarasota, FL 34235

Tel: 941-677-2660

Monday - Thursday  9AM – 4PM

(Appointment Required)

407 Magnolia Ave

Anna Maria, FL 34216

Tel: 941-677-2660

Friday 9AM – 2PM

(Appointment Required after 11AM)

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